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What We Offer 

Monument Cleaning 

Before cleaning the monument, Loving Memory Grave Care will provide a thorough examination of the stone. During this examination, we will check the monument's stability (is the monument attached to the base, is the monument sinking or leading) and the structural well-being (Cracks, Chips, etc.) We will then cut and hand remove any form of biological growth on the monument. The next step is to clean the monument by hand using only water, special brushes, and biological cleaning agents. (The use of harsh chemicals, wire brushes, and pressure washers will damage and discolor the stone.)   The last step is to rinse and hand dry the monument

Monument Resetting

Over time some monuments may begin sinking into the ground or leaning for various reasons.  Each of these occurrences is unique and will require an inspection and estimate.  In most situations, it is recommended that the monument be disassembled,  a concrete footer poured, and reset the monument.  This will help prevent the monument from shifting or sinking in the future.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an inspection and estimate for this service. 

Gravesite Cleaning 

Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris/litter on the Gravesite.  Raking, weeding, and trimming of grass on the Gravesite.  Removal of biological growth on the monument.  Beautifully edging of growth and grass around the monument.  Trimming and pruning of bushes, plants, and small trees one gravesite.  Seeding and fertilizing of the Gravesite.  Loving Memory Grave Care, LLC will review the cemetery's rules before providing services and discuss any unforeseen issues.  The cemeteries typically appreciate these services.

Flower Delivery and Placement 

We know there are times when you can not be there in the present. You may live too far away, or perhaps you have gone through some medical issues. Regardless of the reason, we are here to respectfully provide flower services to keep your loved one's final resting place beautiful and welcoming for visitors. 

How it Works 

The Flowers tab on our menu will take you to our store that offers a variety of beautiful sympathy arrangements. You can choose an individual piece or a complete set. Once the order is placed, Loving Memory Grave Care will provide you with a placement date. (Please note this is typically 5- 7 days out. If you have a particular date that you want the service to be completed on, please make sure to purchase the service a minimum of one week in advance.) One the provided date, the arrangements will be hand-delivered and respectfully placed at the Gravesite. Anchors will be used with saddle arrangements to help prevent wind damage. We will use a rubber device on vase bouquets to keep them secure and in place. A digital photo will be provided after the flower placement.

Sympathy Flowers typically need to be replaced around 2-3 months. 

Monument Cleaning


Gravesite Cleaning 

Monument Inspection 

Flower Delivery and Placing

(You have the choice of one saddle or vase bouquet free with this service. You may contact Loving Memory Grave Care if you want to add extra flowers.)

Digital Before and After Photos 

The Works 

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